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This is my space to ramble. Apologies if it is ever incoherent (^_^)

I play video games, run, and dance like a crazy person because that sort of coordinated movement is beyond me.

I'm trying to study for the JLPT so my first step is to truly learn the 2,000+ common kanji. Once I do that I will treat myself to...something.
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So I’m pregnant and people keep talking to me about costs and making sure I know how expensive this is and how inexpensive that is and don’t I know I need to start prioritizing what I want new and what I’m okay getting second hand and blah blah blah

And I’m just over here like

"Do you…do you people *know* me?"

Half, if not *more*, of the “must haves” are not must haves at all. If you strip down the things a baby needs to things a baby *actually needs* it’s really a very manageable list.

Also, people keep buying brand new shit that a baby might use for like 3-4 months before it’s too big or too old. I can thrift pretty much everything. Except the car seat. I’m not skimping there.

I guess I’m just trying to say I wish people would stop acting like I haven’t already done my research.



if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate so just remember that okay ilu

why is this literally the most uplifting post I’ve seen in weeks thank you

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I am going to (finally) take the damn JLPT this year.  I just need to decide if I want the N3 (since it has been a while, I’ll be honest) or the N2.  I might have to do the N3, just to be safe and to get a better understanding of what the test will be like.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll study for the N2, but end up taking the N3.  I should be studying for the N2.